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My name is Mark Duncan and I play guitar. I also record music and make movies.  You can learn about my latest film productions by visiting

Why a site dedicated to Mark Duncan's music?
After years of making music that was just sitting around on the shelf and not being heard by anyone, Mark Duncan decided to get a domain and put this stuff out there. Some may like, some will hate... doesn't matter.

What does matter, is the music. Music by artists like Mark Duncan, The Breathing Method, High Five, Delta Nine, The Few, Tarp, Rawhead Rex and the Razors, Freefall, Dread34, MaJe, Lucky Thirteen, the-nerve, Naked Emperor, Monika Jaymes Band, the Organgrinderz, Muddy Honcho, Straw Man, Taller Than Dogs and many more.

This site is about taking a risk with music and developing ideas, no matter what the commercial viability of the music. Experiment, explore and live life to the fullest. Use your voice for an independent statement and express yourself... no matter if your opinion is popular or not. - Mark Duncan

All tracks below are tracks I wrote, performed on, produced, recorded or all of the above. :)

Music videos: