TBM was :

Mark Duncan-
guitar, vox
Jason Dunn-
Warren Hawk-
bass, vox
Dave Williams-
TBM - Relics CD cover

WERE GOING DOWN TO CABO 00:49 - Goofing off at practice one night, Dave and the boys make fun of what it might sound like if Sammy Hagar came to sit in on one of our rehersals. (LSR)

AN ACRE OF SAMMY 09:30 - Goofing off continued. (LSR)

SKATING AWAY 03:42 - An often overlooked Jethro Tull song, TBM seemingly enjoyed performing this song, on this night anyway. Check out the high hat work. Very nice - :) Suprise ending.(LSR)

COLOURS 11-22-99 02:36 - Yet another version. This one swings with a vibe similar to The Brian Setzer Orchestra on a very angry evening, drunk and missing fingers. Maybe you will understand the Stan Pauly reference.(LSR)

THE BLAIR WITCHES TINY LIGHTS 03:11 - A momentary glimpse into the humor sometimes present at a TBM rehersal, and the effect of having BIG Zappa fans as members on its expression. (LSR)

GIVE A LITTLE BIT 03:40 - Supertramp? Hell yes! This one was discovered on (and somewhat rescued from) an unlabeled cassette that had not seen the light of day for awhile. From an early Warren Hawk Group performance at Crossroads, Dave, Warren and Mark are in fine form. The major problem with this track is that it was recorded from the soundboard and the engineer wasn't paying attention to the levels! (L)

IF YOU COUNT THE DAYS 11:28 - From the "Balls" sessions, band in good form here. I really like Dave's vocals and Jason's drumming. The improv at the end is... well, inspired. And since it was recorded in Franklin, NC, nobody had any idea it had even happened. Todd R. makes an appearance. (LSR)

TWENTY WINDS OVER FRANKLIN 06:09 - An early, slower version that different enough to include on this archive. Improv is strong. (LSR)

TRAILER DAYS 03:15 - As the name implies, this was recorded in early 1999 at the trailer in Sylva. Again its a WHG rehersal, although this is more of a glimpse into the sounds happening there at that time. Complete with sounds of Dave flipping through lyric sheets, coughing and the sound of tuning guitars. Mouth drums are real (i'm glad Dave was plugged in thru the compressor!). (LSR)

APRON STRINGS 03:48 - Recorded at the same show as Give a Lil Bit, this is a good performance that suffers from some of the same audio problems. A John Entwhisle tune. (L)

ZOUNDS AT THE THRESHHOLD 09:01 - An improv recorded during a rehersal sans Dave. Description is omitted for your listening pleasure. (LSR)

HENDRIX PROMO 01:10 From the early '90s, a short, poorly made satirical promo. (MR)

TRAINRIDE 04:10 - Marajade unfinished demo. Rescued from a very damaged reel to reel master tape. (LSR)


We're Going Down To Cabo - 0.49
An Acre Of Sammy - 9.30
Skating Away (by Jethro Tull)- 3.42
Colours - 2.36
The Blair Witches Tiny Lights - 3.11
Give A Lil Bit - 3.40
If You Count The Days - 11.28
Twenty Winds - 6.09
Trailer Days - 3.15
Apron Strings (by John Entwhistle)- 3.49
Zounds At The Threshold - 9.01
Hendrix Promo - 1.10
Train Ride - 4.10