The Chain
Celebrating the Songs and Style of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks

Monika Jaymes and Mark Duncan, two recording veterans of the Raleigh, NC / Triangle area started to collaborate on a project when they discovered a mutual love for the music of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks and began exploring the idea of a tribute band. They carefully gathered a band of seasoned musicians and put together THE CHAIN. The group duplicates the sound and performance quality expected when you perform songs that everyone knows. The shows are filled with the raw energy and joy of one of America's beloved Icons – Fleetwood Mac with expansion to include many of Stevie's hits as a solo performer.

THE CHAIN has one credo it lives by; "Each song is carefully crafted to match the classic performance quality and visual experience expected to impress audiences and to do honor to the originators".

That kind of dedication assures a great Audience Party and unique experience of hearing and seeing THE CHAIN.

Sample mp3 of 3 songs - demo.mp3

The Chain

Monika Jaymes – Lead Vocals
Mark Duncan – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Jeff Lindsey – Drums and Noise Toyz
Michael Conn – Bass
Cary Powell – Keyboards and Vocals

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Upcoming Shows

March 2, 2004 - The Pour House, Raleigh, NC (map)
This is a Tuesday night show.  Show starts at 10pm.

March 5, 2004 -The Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh, NC (map)
Friday night with the Monika Jaymes Band opening the show.  Show starts at 10 pm.

March 26, 2004 - Visions Durham, NC (map)
MJB opens this show. Show starts at 10 pm.

April 8, 2004 - Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL.
Private party.

Sample Songlist
Gold Dust Woman * Gypsy * Stop Draggin' My Heart Around * Rhiannon
Dreams * Second Hand News * Big Love * Go Your Own Way
The Chain * Tusk * Oh Well * and many more of your favorites
This page is for historical purposes. The Chain no longer performs.