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Archived Blogs: Feb 2005 | March 2005
nervous dBlog
db in his native enviornment
Nervous CEO
2 April 2005 - A Digital IOU - I owe nerv-us webmeister, Mark Duncan, one country ass-whuppin.'.

It doesn't bug me in the least that he raided a particular data stash of mine. Hey, I left it open, he walked in. Them's the rules. And <== the photo raided from said stash is not even at issue. My professional alter-ego uses it frequently. Not the point. But if that hammerhead is going to post a "Message Form Our CEO"- like joint on the site (in which I clearly see the humor - funny is it's own excuse), at least he would have the common decency to make the photo gray-scaled, as it was intended. Not doing so is rude, Especially knowing how vain I am.

1 April 2005 - ...fresh from BBC News:

This is how a free press would act in the US, if such a thing actually existed.

Blair manipulated intelligence to justify war, says BBC film