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db - email
The Nerve
After a decade of burning both ends of I-40, bouncing from stage-to-stage, in some of the best bands you never heard, opening for bands that you probably have heard, dB returned home to the RTP area to find Mikey Hype, his boyhood rival from even more of the coolest bands you never heard.
MikeEHype - email
The Nerve
FOnk, plain and simple with no bouts adoubt it.
J - Li - email
plays drums and samples. He is a member of a fusion group called Smokin' Granny and improv group called Groove Stream Attractor, playing in the-nerve makes my circle complete. Funk, Jazz Fusion and Improv... versatility is my name and keeping the booty movin' is my game.
Mark - email
plays guitar, guitar synth, samples and sings.  Mark has performed in many bands but none have equaled the longevity and sheer pleasure of his ride with the-nerve.